iheardanecho sometimes uses acronyms, groups of words or other words for which the meaning may not be immediately clear. If you’re wondering about an acronym for example, this is a good place to find out what it means when used on this site. For example, see Point of Entry below to find out what we mean when we use it:

Magic Years : These are the years when, according to theory, your lifelong musical taste and preferences were primarily determined. Occurring between the ages of 13 and 16 for boys, and 11 and 14 for girls, simply determine the calendar years you fell into these age ranges to identify your own personal Magic Years.

PNA! : Please, Not Again! Used to say you don’t want to hear a certain song again. Preferably not for a long time. Sometimes not ever again. But mostly, say it when you feel like if you never heard that song again, you’d be ok with that.

Point of Entry : The song, or more often the album that led someone to get into a new band or musician and becoming interested in that artist is called the Point of Entry.