Becoming a teenager in the late 1970’s was a great time to get into music. There were a lot of older bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who which were around in the 60’s, and still making great music well into the late 70’s and beyond. Not only that, but groups like The Beatles and The Doors which were no longer active, had concluded their runs just 6-7 years earlier.

The new music scene was also very vibrant, with diverse sounds and genres ranging from Punk to Disco and all in between. Album Oriented Rock was thriving, new wave was percolating and it was just a great time to find and get into new music, or music that was new to you.

The song, or more often the album that led someone to get into a new band or musician and becoming interested in that artist is called the Point of Entry. This section of is dedicated to those Point of Entry albums that made me a fan of a particular group or artist.

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