Joe Jackson hit the music scene in January of 1979 when his song Is “She Really Going Out With Him?” became something of a surprise hit on FM radio rock stations. His debut album, Look Sharp was released later that month and became a gold selling record that also produced a couple of other popular radio singles including “Sunday Papers” and “Got The Time”.

Later in 1979, capitalizing on the success of Look Sharp, Jackson released the follow up album, I’m The Man. Though not as popular, the album generated several FM radio hits including “On Your Radio”, the title track and “It’s Different For Girls”.

Both albums are brilliant examples of a musician who can make music of multiple tempos and styles ranging from ballads, to pop to New Wave. Where Joe Jackson really shines on these two albums however is when the music is punky, fast and frenetic.

Examples of Joe Jackson at his best include “One More Time”, “Sunday Papers”and “Got The Time” from Look Sharp, and “One Your Radio”, “Get That Girl” and “Friday” from I’m The Man.

Jackson would go on to become a musician known for experimenting with his sound and delving into many musical genres. He even had bigger hits than those mentioned here, including “Steppin’ Out” and “Breaking Us In Two” from his most successful album, Night And Day.

These two albums are, in my opinion, still the best of his catalog but his forays into Jazz, Reggae, Blues and even instrumental music are well worth looking into.