In early October of 1991 I said and did something that I swear damn near stopped time. I meant no harm by it, but judging from the reaction of the owner of Infinity Records on Long Island NY, and the roughly 10 customers who heard me, I had committed what appeared to be a grievous sin.

Every single person in the store stopped what they were doing and looked at me in unison. Mouths were wide open. Jaws had dropped.

“What?”, the store owner asked after he gasped, “You want to sell that? “Yes”, I said, as I felt the glares of all the store’s customers suddenly upon me, “I don’t like it. How much will you give me for it”?

Ignoring my question and focused more on my act of apparent heresy, the store owner raised his voice and asked “how could you not like this”?

“I just don’t like it”, I said, by now feeling uncomfortable as a male customer with long hair and dressed in black shorts, Timberland boots and a plaid lumberjack shirt said to the owner “this guy must be high but if you buy it from him I’ll buy it from you.”

“But it’s amazing” the store owner exclaimed and urged, “take it home and listen to it a few more times and then if you still don’t like it, I’ll give you $5 for it”.

“Listen”, I said, by that time agitated and losing my general sense of humor, “I don’t have to listen to it again I don’t like it, so are you going to buy it from me now or not?

“OK” the owner said, before looking at the long haired guy in the plaid shirt, “I’ll give him $5 and you give me $10 and we’re set” to which the guy gladly accepted.

The owner, I suppose being the type who had to get in the last word handed me my $5 and said “you see, this album is so amazing it took me 3 seconds to sell your copy of it”. And with that, I turned and left the store…never to return.

Why am I telling this story now? Because since that day, I’ve spent 32 years keeping it and my feelings bottled up inside, never telling a soul for fear of further condemnation. Not even my friends know this happened, let alone what I think about the album in question and the band that made it.

After all this time though, I think I finally feel safe to make what is by now a confession without fear of jaw dropping gasps and righteous indignation. So here it is. I confess now, for all the internet to see that





Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I finally said it.

Wow, that feels good.

And no, I’ve never changed my mind and I’ve never repurchased Nevermind.

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