Someone recently asked me what the first song I ever liked was and they were surprised by my near instant answer. It wasn’t the quick response that caught them off guard though. They expect that from me. It was the fact that it wasn’t a song by Styx or Foreigner, Boston or any of the other AOR bands I would grow to love back then. No, the first song I ever liked is a not so well remembered track called Sky High by a band named Jigsaw.

Sky High came out around August in 1975 just in time for 6th grade to start for me. I remember a few things about those early days of what we used to call Junior High School which, for some reason is now called Middle School in most places.

The two most popular musical acts of the time in my school were the Bay City Rollers with their hit Saturday Night which came out in America right around the same time as Sky High. Then there was of course Kiss which was hugely popular with many of the boys in school. I was never a fan of Kiss back then, mostly because I didn’t like the kids who were in the “Kiss Army” which is what their fanatics called themselves.

As an 11 year old, I wasn’t a music fanatic yet so there was no sitting by the radio trying to record Sky High and then listening to it over and over again. It was played often enough on WABC 770 A.M. which was the top 40 radio station at the time. That’s how new to music I was then. I didn’t even know that FM radio existed.

But I heard Sky High often enough. So much in fact that along with being the first song I ever liked, it also became the first song of many that I would later consider over played.

Still, the memories of Sky High are fond ones. I was still a baseball card collector then and spent most of my days playing baseball or basketball at the local park with my friends…my life changing turn into music fanatic and complete change of social circle was still a little over 3 years away.

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