I just laugh when I hear people today say something along the lines of “I like the crackles and pops of vinyl.” It’s absolute silliness. Nobody ever bought a pristine record, put it on the turn table and said “gee, this is great but I wish it had a few pops”.

I find it especially funny when someone from my generation (I’m 58) explains one reason why they decided to get back into vinyl and says something like “CD’s are good but the crackles and pops of vinyl has character and I missed that”. No you didn’t. Never once in your life did you buy a record that had crackles and pops on it and say “I love this record with all these pops and crackles, it has so much character”. Nobody ever said that!!

When you were 15 in 1977 and spent the only 5 dollars you had in your pocket on a new album that had pops and crackles, you flipped out. And if you had the guts, you returned it for another copy. That’s the truth, and you know what? It’s ok. You don’t need to lie about loving cracks and pops on records to justify your enjoyment of vinyl. Just be yourself, and don’t even think about telling people you like your vinyl records warped. You hear me? Don’t you dare say that!

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